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Manpower based on both heart & brain!

Our organization is consisting of highly qualified and dedicated people. We provide our customer with excellent service when and where required. For more information of Norway - please visit

Operational service

Bravo Bemanning AS is a staff recruitment company that supplies and qualified personnel to the Norwegian and Swedish labor market. Bravo Bemanning AS is a subsidiary of Bravo Group Holding AS. The companies are 100% in Norwegian ownership.

Health, safety and security

HSE is in Bravo Bemanning AS major areas of development.

Approved HSE regulatives and detailed regulations around these themes ensures that the company so far has reached their goals.

Bravo Bemanning AS will make certain the customer proceeds according to the regulations of their HSE towards the employee, and it is therefore of utmost important to us that our procedures and systems ensures that employees from Bravo Bemanning AS knows and understands the regulatives of our customers HSE.

Through educational work and contractual provisions, we are ensuring that our employees are committed to the ethical guidelines which Bravo Bemanning AS use as a foundation in its business.

Safety representative in Bravo Bemanning AS: Nina Fjeldstad, Tel: +47 45 81 42 90

Private health care policy

Bravo Bemanning AS now offer our employees an own free private medical care treatment 24 hours a day.

Help24 is Norway's largest nationwide health care service.

Help24 the breadth and expertise in health, safety and environment (HSE)

Hourly phonenumber for our crew is :


Bravo Bemanning AS are able to find jobs in the following segments:

  • Oil & Gas
  • General Industry
  • Engeneering
  • Construction
  • IT1522191web.jpg
  • Ship building
  • Plumbering
  • Welding
  • Health
  • Etc.

For work in our company - we demand that You are a skilled worker and that You at least knows B1 (communicative) in English language.

It is also a plus if You are from within EU. If You have passport from elsewhere You will need VISA for working and living in Norway. This is not IMPOSSIBLE - it depends how skilled You are and how needed the workforce is for Norway.

We are operational 24 hours - 7 days a week

• Bravo Bemanning AS places great emphasis on quality heltny24-7.jpgassurance in all aspects of the value chain.
• Bravo Bemanning AS pays our employees by Norwegian standards, and tariffs
• Bravo Bemanning AS will be ISO-certified within 2010.
• Bravo Bemanning AS concerned to avoid social dumping.

Recruitment Partners

We have recruitment partners all over Europe. Romania is the country that has delivered us most of our candidates. However, the labour marked in Europe is in constant movements and we are also cooperating with recruiting companies in several other european countries. Asia, USA and Canada is also areas that we are recruiting workforce from.

Humans are the most important resources in all organizations.

We can contribute and help to achieve better results by hiring the right person in the right place.

Thorough analysis of the customer's needs, is the basis for recruitment of candidates. We are able to find candidates through interviews, reviews, and by cross-checking their references. Our mission is not complete even when a candidate is employed. After closely monitoring both the employee and the employer and making sure the compatibility on both sides, we will be able to assert the quality of the mission and call it complete.

In terms of our requirement-forms we will registered the exact specifications of the tasks the candidate is able to perform, and the candidate's desired preferences.

Connecting in an efficient and transparent way, job seekers, professional recruiters and job providers using industry knowledge and technology.

Achilles Certificate

Achilles works to identify, qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers on behalf of major organisations worldwide. We build and support

buyer-supplier communities in many industry sectors, creating unique and powerful global networks. Our services for sustainable procurement help create opportunities for business and reduce risk in the supply chain.

Our NEW - Candidate Helper for Foreign Employees -

 Mr. Dan Nicu is our new CANDIDATE HELPER for our FOREIGN EMPLOYEES. Dan has been employed by us for one year now, end he is both an Engineer in HVAC as well as a PLUMBER. Dan is married with Mirella - and You can see them sightseeing n Bergen at the photo under.

Dan have lomg experience from Romania and USA in his CV, and have been working with sevelal of our clients. He is married and is now living in Bergen. His English level is about C1 - that is very good indeed. Dan Nicu is a very treassured emplyee in Bravo and "everybody" - that is clients and candidates is very happy with his team spirit as well as his good humour! As a client or a candidate do NOT hasitate to contact our representant Dan Nicu for any questions.

Please cal him AFTER working hours: Mob: +47 967 55 751, email:

This is what Dan Nicu is stating himself:

My name is DAN GABRIEL NICU and BRAVO is for me as a second family, my family from  norway, there are not enough words to describe my feelings for this company, they helped me to grow both profesionly as soo n as individual. I think many professionals like me can find a place in this beautiful country Norway, country based on respect, professionalism and honesty. From my point of view Bravo Bemanning is the perfect place to work becouse you are sorounded by a team of wonderful people who take good care of you , find a job that perfectly suited to your needs and aspirations and in last but not list everything is an incredibile experience.And in the end i am thinking i will share a secret with you ,actualy two secrets about beeing succesfull in Norway,one, you need to be open minded about everything ,and the second ,always think outside of the box.

Oslo/Bergen Norway, Dan Nicu

Bravo Bemanning AS
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Tel: +47 47 77 78 80
Fax:+47 55 18 40 90

Org.No: 993 884 561

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